How to deal with the heat problem of LED grow light?

LED grow light, about 60% of the electricity can be converted into plant light PAR, the rest of the electricity into heat energy consumption.

Generally speaking, the better the heat dissipation of LED, the lower the temperature rise, the higher the luminous efficiency and the reliability of service life. However, in places where the planting environment temperature needs to be increased, a higher lamp temperature may be a good choice (without affecting the service life).

LED light is a cold light source, refers to the general LED light, not the use of heat to stimulate the light source, ordinary lighting LED light almost does not contain infrared spectrum, in the energy conversion, part of the electrical energy is converted into light, the other part will also be converted into heat, that is, LED lights will also be heated, too high temperature will seriously affect the light efficiency, life and reliability of LED, heat dissipation is very important for LED lights

How to deal with the heat problem of LED grow light?

1. Improve the energy conversion rate, that is, improve the luminous efficiency of LED light, high-efficiency LED can reduce the heat of LED light beads. There are many ways to improve the luminous efficiency of LED, such as directly using high-efficiency LED chips, or reducing the driving current of LED, that is, reducing the use of LED.

2.  Increase the heat dissipation area or improve the heat dissipation characteristics.

3. External ventilation and heat dissipation.

Most of the time, we should choose the LED grow light with lower temperature rise, the higher the reliability of the whole light is, the longer the life will be, and the higher the efficiency of the LED grow light with the same heat dissipation area and power.

In the practical application of LED grow light, the temperature rise of the light is not as low as possible, which should be comprehensively considered according to the environment and the temperature needed for planting crops.

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