Planting technology can reflect the effect of led grow light

Before that, I talked more about plant light spectrum technology, light quantum parameters, which is a necessary condition for LED growt lights to enter greenhouse and plant factories. However, what are the sufficient conditions for planting in artificial light environment? What can determine planting effect and planting efficiency?

It is greenhouse horticulture. In the process of industrialization of plant planting, we call it planting technology. Under the condition of insufficient sunlight in greenhouse, supplementary light is inevitable, plant light spectrum parameters meet the requirements of spectral design, and planting effect and efficiency may not be guaranteed. In artificial light environment, planting technology is the core technology, planting technology is a sufficient condition for planting in artificial environment, under the premise of planting technology. Only the spectral parameters of led grow light can reflect the planting effect and planting efficiency.
Any two LED beads encapsulated by packaging enterprises, if their spectral parameters are the same, under the same and the same planting technology of plant canopy PPFD, the planting effect is the same, which has nothing to do with the brand of lamp beads packaging enterprises, and the most taboo of bio-optics is to superimpose people’s preference for lamp beads brand on spectral technology, which is a big taboo.
It should be admitted that in lighting products, the LED bead brand effect will enhance customer identity, that is because lighting is to solve people’s visual problems, people are used to using subconscious preference to overlay the LED bead brand of lighting products, this subconscious also enhances the buyer’s sense of pride and self-feeling of comfort.
But plants will not respond to the LED bead brand, only respond to the LED bead spectral parameters; people’s preference for the brand must not be superimposed on the application of the plant lamp.
Unfortunately, many led grow light manufacturers (including beginners in plant cultivation) pay so much attention to the brand of lamp beads that they forget the magic of matrix and nutrients and the priority of the ability to regulate and control planting environmental parameters. forget that horticulture is a complex professional discipline, enter the thinking mode of only spectral parameter theory, and ignore what is the core technology of plant planting.
Only the theory of spectral parameters only shows the lack of understanding of planting technology.
My advice is to use cost-effective LED beads, focus on the allocation of cultivation substrates and high-quality genetics, and spend money on planting techniques far better than on led grow lights. This is my advice to avoid being trapped in the criticism that spectral parametric thinking is unable to solve the problem of customer planting effects.
Recently, the phenomenon that a certain brand of LED beads need to wait in line for supply is really unthinkable. You can consult horticultural professionals, listen to their ideas, make enterprises of led grow light products, and put the technology of agricultural people in the second place. You’ve already lost the first step.
Spectral technology has three principles:

1. The spectrum is not the best, only the most suitable.

2. The quantity of light takes precedence over the quality of light.

3. With the same planting effect, the less the spectral composition, the higher the photosynthetic efficiency of the spectral design.

With the continuous development of plant lighting spectrum technology, led grow lights can practice new high efficiency spectral technology every year, that is to say, the technical cycle of improving plant photosynthetic efficiency by spectral design is less than one year, and good spectral design ultimately serves the planting cost. Plant planting is usually not good to reflect the performance and quality of similar industrial products to the product price recognition, more price as the dominant factor, for hemp lamp. The increase in the price of lamps is not equivalent to the yield and quality of plants. The improvement in the yield and quality of marijuana can be more easily obtained through the planting process, and does not require too much money.

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