What should be considered when choosing a plant grow light?

The lighting requirements of plants vary greatly at seedling stage and after growing up, so it needs to be carefully considered when choosing plant growth lamps for indoor plants.

1. Size determining the appropriate size of the plant grow light is very important because it ensures that the light covers all the plants we grow. Therefore, when we determine the size of the plant lamp we need, we also need to consider the number of plants that need to be covered. Remember to leave enough space for plant growth lights to prevent them from touching other objects in the room and causing safety risks by affecting heat dissipation.

2, types from light bulbs to high-power plant lights hanging from the ceiling, there are various types of plant growth lights on the market at present. Therefore, if you want to choose a suitable plant lamp, you need to consider in advance the type of plant planted, the exposure of existing natural light and the location of the plant (planting method).

Easy to use of course, no one is willing to face complex installation or operation after buying a grow light, so it is also important to get an easy-to-use grow light. Therefore, when buying, choosing a plant grow light that is easy to install, easy to disassemble and easy to control is also an important consideration. If you plan to move the grow light from one place to another, then it is recommended to choose a lighter portable product. Of course, if there is a remote control function will greatly save us in the use of plant lights for planting time, but also help us to better control the plant growth process.

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