Why can LED grow light shorten the plant growth cycle?

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Temperature: temperature is a more intuitive factor that affects plant growth. The photosynthesis of plants is very large. If the temperature is too high, plants will wither. If the temperature is too low, plants will stop their metabolism and eventually be frostbitten to death.

Water: we all know that water is the porter in the plant, and any substance in the plant needs water to transport. If there are not enough transporters, the plant will certainly not be able to grow normally. If there are too many transporters, like traffic jams, the plants will not be able to bear it.

Nutrition: including all kinds of minerals and fertilizers needed for plant growth, as well as all kinds of materials consumed by plant respiration and photosynthesis, are also indispensable.

Air: the air environment is also an important factor leading to the quality of plants, and then the air composition, the most important of which is the concentration and ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which is also a very important factor affecting plant photosynthesis and respiration.

The quality, intensity and time of light determine the growth cycle of plants.

Plants grow in the open air, each plant has formed its own photoperiod genes, but due to a variety of natural uncontrollable factors, their real growth talent has not been fully excavated. LED plant lights bring plants from outdoor to indoor, a variety of growth conditions can be completely artificially controlled, thoroughly activate plant growth cells, through LED plant lights to regulate plant photoperiod, thus affecting plant growth.

First of all, plants, like people, need exercise, work and rest, so it is necessary to control the time when using LED plant lights to replenish light to plants. It is generally recommended that the lighting time of plants should be controlled between 12 and 16 hours, so as to give plants enough time to rest, so as to ensure the efficiency of plants going to work every day.

The influence of the quality of light on each period of plant growth is also very obvious. For example, flowering and fruiting plants need sufficient red light during the period of flowering and fruit setting. If the red light is not enough, no matter how strong the light intensity is, the ideal effect can not be achieved. It affects the flowering and fruit setting rate of plants. If you can match all kinds of plant light according to the needs of plants, the effect will be completely different. It can not only shorten the plant growth cycle, but also improve plant yield and quality. This is not only the reason why the plant lamp appears, but also the reason why the LED plant lamp replaces the traditional plant growth lamp.

At present, plant lighting LED grow light beads are mainly red light beads, blue light beads, white light beads and full-spectrum light beads. The reason for using these spectral light beads is because numerous experiments have proved that the most needed light for plant growth is red light and blue light. LED grow light white light beads are to supplement other spectral components that may be needed for plant growth. The spectrum of full-spectrum LED grow light beads is mainly red and blue light, light quality also has a significant effect on callus attraction and organ differentiation, red spectrum plays a particularly important role in plant flowering and fruiting.

When the time and light quality are reasonable, it is necessary to use LED plant lights to control the light intensity. Studies have shown that light intensity has a very important effect on plant cell proliferation and organ differentiation, that is, it has a very important effect on plant growth, and different light intensity affects all stages of plant growth. The initial stage of plant growth does not need too strong light, can meet the needs of plant germination and growth, with the growth of plants, light intensity should be appropriately increased. It is very important for the robust and tidy degree of seedling cultivation. When plants blossom and bear fruit, LED plant lighting directly affects the flowering period and fruit setting rate, and also determines the yield and quality of the plant.

If the light intensity is not enough, the photosynthesis and respiration of plants can not even reach the same level, and it is even more impossible for plants to grow. If the light intensity is too strong and exceeds the light saturation point, it is a waste of electric energy, and it is not necessary. So the ideal state is to control the light intensity around the light saturation point, so that plants can grow healthily at the fastest speed.

So the decisive factors of the plant growth cycle related to light can be measured by the following formula:

Plant growth cycle = light intensity + light time + light quality.

LED grow light is very good to meet the above three lighting conditions, so as to shorten or adjust the plant growth cycle.

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